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China International Journalist Association


    China International Reporter Association is one of the journalism organizations approved by the government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region with International News Organization Treaty.The motto is: promote the communication of the profession, enhance the exchange and cooperation of Chinese mainland,Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan with international journalism, and commit to improving the professional level and spirit of journalists.

    Application of the press card of China International Reporter:

    Apply for the press card shall put forward an application to our association.
Application conditions:

    1.Journalist, photojournalist,editor and employee who are engaged in the publishing or transmit organization;
    2.Apply the enrollment for the formal membership of China International Reporter Association;
    3.One introducer for enrollment;
    4.Fill up the Application Form;
    5.One piece of color photo of head portrait without hat (digital photo,white background preferred);
    6.One copy of the ID card or passport.

Approval documents:
    The membership certificate and press card of China International Reporter Association.

    5,200 HKD (including the fee of enrollment, annual membership and service)

Time limit:
    Generally, we need approve it within 1-2 months after receiving the completed form.


Registration No.: 36019219-003-09-07-7 

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